TB Ultimate kit!!

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TB Ultimate kit!!

Post  (TB)jordyy on Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:50 am

hello everybody..
i'm sorry this week for not uploading a new kit!

i hope u will forgive me by this..

  • 500+ vocals to remix
  • 10 newest acapella's
  • 50+ soundfronts
  • more then 10.000 drums
  • MUCH MORE!!!!

u will get it by reaching 100 points, in the point sytem.

i always help you people.. i realy do much for you..
but its to much for me if people only come 1 time in a week online for the new download..
so you must reach points to get the next download.

sorry if you hate me now, but its only nicer becous you poeple can post nice kits and flp and stuff to!
and if you do that you will get free download from me..!!!

i think its a great system.

hope you will support me!

Greetz, (TB)jordyy


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